I have been painting, in ‘fits and spurts’ for about 23 years, as I juggled the demands of motherhood and university study (I have a BA in Counselling & Theology and a Post Graduate Diploma in Primary Education). In 2010, however, I decided to take my artistic career seriously and joined with David Giles’ Freedom School of painters, which is a largely abstract expressionist group. It was there I became more grounded and confident in my own artistic style, and in 2011, I held a solo exhibition entitled “Dreamscapes” (This can be purchased on the blurb website. Click on the link below).

My painting style draws inspiration from the Pre-Raphaelite artists, as well as early Renaissance work (Boticelli), and the expressionist/symbollist painters of the 19th century (Gauguin, Chagall, Rodin). Mostly, however, painting is a spiritual journey for me. It is the place where I find healing, solace and wonder at both the unseen and visible realm. I also love to explore portraiture. Over the years I have painted my children and loved ones, as well as various commissions. I hope you enjoy perusing my gallery.


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