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About Alyssa Kanitsch

As an artist, I am deeply inspired by imagery that explores tangible metaphors. This is perhaps why I am drawn to the world of fairytale, fantasy, dreams and iconic or religious artwork; especially from artists in the early renaissance. In many of my paintings, I try to use images, landscapes and objects to weave together a story or a sense of nostalgia and distant memory. My favourite art medium is acrylics, however, I also love mucking around with mixed media and pastel, and I occasionally work with oils. I have been known to paint furniture, murals and surfboards, mostly because I love to surround myself with the energy of colour.

The Pieta (a response to Michelangelo’s famous sculpture)


In this painting, I wanted to show the horror and grief on Mary’s face as she cradles the dead body of her son, Jesus. In the original Pieta, Mary’s expression is one of serenity- as a mother who has also lost an adult son; I wanted to emphasise her humanity. To at least give a hint of the despair and utter unbelief that is unavoidably real when a person experiences the death of a child.